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2023 Member of the Year

Jennifer Symon!

The ENYDCTA member of the year award, is an award given to a non-board member that has given exceptional service to ENYDCTA.   

Jennifer is described as loving to get involved in so many things and is the best researcher to figure out the best way to accomplish a task.  She is generous with her time and often helps friends with trailering to a clinic, show or a vet appointment. 

A significant contributor to ENYDCTA, Jennifer has dedicated extensive hours to the development of the organization's website. The resulting redesign not only captivates with its visual appeal but also provides an enriching and user-friendly experience. Collaborating with Peter Tkaczyk, her efforts played a pivotal role in securing ENYDCTA the prestigious USDF 2023 Best Overall Website Layout and Design award for a GMO of 75-174 members. 

Jennifer is a pharmacist by trade.  After retiring from full-time work in 2021, She continues to do some contract work through her consulting company and works part-time in a dispensary supporting patients as a consultant pharmacist.  She owns 2 horses Yunque and Biberon that she enjoys spending much time with.

 Thank you, Jennifer Symon for all you do for ENYDCTA!    

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Nominate Someone for Member of Year!!


The award is ENYDTCA’s way of recognizing an outstanding member that has given

exceptional service over the years to equine sports (does not have to be contiguous).   


A panel of board members will review each nomination submitted, and decide upon one winner who will be announced at the annual banquet in November & receive a plaque.   The ENYDCTA Member of the Year Award can be awarded to one current member that is not an active board member.  Please do not hesitate to nominate yourself, there are many behind the scenes volunteers that are not in the spotlight with all they do in the equine community (let us know).  There is no obligation to make a selection of a winner in any year when there is not an appropriate candidate.   

Nominations are due no later than September 1st.

Member of the Year Guidelines and Criteria

PLEASE LIMIT ANSWERS TO 40 WORDS OR LESS & answer as many of the following that you can. Attach answers separately from this form.

1. What makes this member extraordinary?

2. What types of projects does this nominee volunteer for, with ENYDCTA and outside of ENYDCTA?

3. Why do you feel your nominee has made a unique contribution to ENYDCTA, equine sports or programs?

4. How has the nominee involved other members in activities (such as meetings or educational activities)?

5. How has the nominee improved ENYDCTA, equine sports or programs through his/her own interest and leadership?

6. Does the nominee make suggestions for new programs ENYDCTA might present, and is he/she willing to obtain information necessary to produce the program?

7. If known, the time period the candidate was involved in exceptional service to ENYDCTA.

8. Does this nominee embody a sports person whose personal goals don’t over shadow those of others, or if they are a professional, their students.


An individual must complete the nomination form (link below) on a separate sheet of paper.

Nomination Form   ENYDCTA Member of the Year Award.pdf

Mail to:    Jeff Lindberg, 1426 Peaceable St, Ballston Spa, NY 12020 OR Email as an attachment to: bishops@nycap.rr.com


Name of Candidate: _______________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________ Email:_____________________________________Phone:________________________ 

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