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Scholarship Program

ENYDCTA will offer two scholarship opportunities to its members for the 2024 season.  After careful consideration from the Scholarship Selection Committee, recipients will be announced at the 2024 Annual Meeting in November. These scholarship funds are designed to help our membership attend clinics and work with trainers they otherwise would not have the opportunity to.

  • ENYDCTA Adult Scholarship: ENYDCTA offers one adult scholarship in the amount of $500.00. Applicants must meet the criteria indicated on the application.

  • ENYDCTA Junior/Young Rider Scholarship: ENYDCTA offers one junior/young rider scholarship each year in the amount of $500. Members under the age of 21 qualify as being a young/junior member. Applicants must meet the criteria indicated on the application. Both the ENYDCTA Adult and ENYDCTA Junior/Young Rider Scholarships may be used for any number of lessons and clinics during the term of the scholarship - December 1, 2024 through November 30, 2025. 

*AA as defined by USEF & USDF General Scholarship


  1. Applications for ENYDCTA Scholarships are open to all ENYDCTA members as determined by the specific criteria for each scholarship.    Board members are ineligible to apply.  Applications have a firm deadline of November 1, 2024. No late applications will be accepted.
  2. To apply for a scholarship, fill out the application cover form and submit it with the required materials/documentation. An application cover form must be submitted with each scholarship application.
  3. Each year a committee of at least three people will review the applications and make their selections.  The committee is carefully selected by the board to ensure a non-biased evaluation of applicants.
  4. Each scholarship applicant is rated on the information provided with an emphasis on service to ENYDCTA (volunteering, etc.) and how this experience relates to your goals and future plans. Applicants not documenting sufficient experience will be determined ineligible for the current year. Please do not assume that the scholarship committee is aware of the details of your involvement with the club. Please note the specific criteria to be met are listed within the Application Details.
  5. ENYDCTA scholarships cannot be used for professional training of your horse or to supplement show fees for a professional rider to ride your horse or extraneous expenses such as trailering, gas, food, tack, etc.
  6. Applicants may only receive one scholarship per year and must meet new requirements before applying again. There will be a three-year waiting period for recipients of an ENYDCTA scholarship to re-apply. Applicants not awarded a scholarship are eligible to apply again.
  7. Scholarship monies will be disbursed when a voucher is submitted, as reimbursement, for approved services/functions as detailed within the scholarships’ specific guidelines and application. Each recipient will be asked to write a brief article about how they utilized scholarship funds and the experience they gained to be published in the Piaffe Flyer.
  8. Scholarships are valid only for one year.

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