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2024 Events

Margie Hutchison Clinic

April 6, 2024

Larkin Hill Farm, North Chatham, NY 12132

A fabulous day with Margie Hutchison!!

Riders were fully immersed in a day dedicated to jumping, honing their skills under the expert guidance of Margie Hutchison. With a keen eye for detail, Margie imparted the essential foundations of balance, rhythm, and precision, nurturing a profound connection between horse and rider. Participants eagerly embraced the challenge of maneuvering through intricate courses, refining their techniques over poles and jumps of different heights and complexities. Through tailored instruction and invaluable feedback, riders not only gained confidence but also refined their finesse in jumping, departing the clinic equipped with the tools to elevate their abilities to new heights.

A special thank you to Dover Saddlery for their support and Stephanie Scribner for the lovely photographs!!

Special thanks to Deb Reardon and Dover Saddlery

for hosting our 2024 Winter Program!!!

Deb and her team are already brainstorming for next year - you guys are amazing, thank you!!!!

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